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You and Your Vision are our top priority.

Finding the right classic can be a stressful and time-consuming endeavor with several potential pitfalls.
As a customer of Collectors Edition, we assess the parameters of your search and accompany you throughout the entire process -  from identification to purchase, or any service in between, we are here to ensure the smoothest experience. Our goal is to provide you with nothing less than your personal dream car as an outcome of an exclusive and unique customer journey. 
Our service is based on know-how, expert knowledge, a well-developed network among the industry, and our own dynamic concept.
This concept is built upon the strong focus that we dedicate to your needs, allowing us to enact a special method for matchmaking. In this matchmaking process, your preferences and sociodemographic factors are analyzed and contextualized in order to enable a perfect fit between you and your and dream car.

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