Collectors Edition

Collectors Edition is a premium lifestyle brand & Classic Car Expert !

Passion for cars is our fundamental driving value.
We distinguish ourselves, our products and our services by means of a particularly high-quality standard. 

The same applies for our cars – which makes every car in our portfolio a selected collector’s piece.

However, Collectors Edition is much more than just nice cars:
For us, Classic cars are truly about desire and lifestyle – expressing a balance of class, prestige, and individuality.
Each one is a cultural asset with its own personality and history. Simply said, driving a classic is the epitome of joy and freedom.
Beyond this, classic cars are also financial assets. Selected objects provide lucrative investment opportunities with a great potential to appreciate over time.
Collectors Edition ultimately embraces cars as well as the good life, and we understand to combine these centerpieces through means of a seamless service.
We bring everything together so that you don’t have to waste your valuable time, nerves or energy.